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rotary encoders for robotics

Rotary encoders for robotics: The key to success

Robust and compact rotary encoders with high functional safety
enhance the design, assembly, and reliable operation of robots.

How rotary encoders meet design and assembly challenges

Robots need to be increasingly fast, precise, compact, and cost-effective for a growing range of applications. Rotary encoders play a critical role in robot design and production. They must be matched to the given space, cabling, sensors, precision, and tolerances.
Installation should be efficient. Find out what to consider.

Fast and easy assembly

Compact, bearingless design

Robust inductive
360° scanning

Low mass and
rigid connection for
high dynamic performance

EnDat protocol and
mechanical fault exclusion
for functional safe applications

Bidirectional digital interface with online diagnostics and mounting aid

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HEIDENHAIN Virtual Trade Show

Ask your questions at HEIDENHAIN Robotics live Dec. 20, 2021, 12:30 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. (Webex)

Robots wouldn’t work without them: rotary encoders. They provide the critical speed and position feedback needed for axis control. However, every robot design comes with its own unique challenges. We’ll be happy to answer your questions in our “HEIDENHAIN Robotics live“ Webex meeting on December 20, 2021.

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Inductive rotary encoders for efficient robot production

An estimated 70 percent of production costs are due to design decisions. Therefore, production considerations play a key role. Find out how to improve your production in our whitepaper.

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12 ways to optimize your robot design using rotary encoders

The e-book 12 ways to optimize your robot design using rotary encoders provides valuable information, including a checklist, to help you efficiently design and produce robots. Find out how to make your designs more compact and robust, regardless of your production scale.

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Optimized rotary encoder mounting in robot production

Inductive dual encoders from HEIDENHAIN feature a compact design and minimal mechanical hysteresis effects on measurement, clearly benefiting designers. But there are also strong benefits from a production point of view.

DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH develops and produces linear encoders, angle encoders, rotary encoders, and CNC controls for demanding positioning tasks. Rounding out its product portfolio are touch probes, camera systems, length gauges, digital readouts, signal converters, testing devices, and inspection devices. What’s more, its practical software solutions for the Digital Shop Floor empower end users to fully digitalize their manufacturing ecosystem.