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Robots wouldn’t work without them: rotary encoders. They provide the critical speed and position feedback needed for axis control. There are many encoders on the market that can do this, but the practical requirements of robot development are easier and cheaper to meet if intelligent, self-contained components are used. To find out more, attend our online meeting on December 20, 2021.

Optimize your robot design

A HEIDENHAIN dual encoder is a self-contained component with two rotary encoders: one on the motor shaft and one at the axis joint. This compact design saves space and streamlines the number of electrical connections from two to one. Axis joint measurement is a huge benefit, eliminating the effects of upstream material elasticities, gearbox backlash, and zero-position error at the joint. This can improve the positioning accuracy and repeatability of the tool center point by up to 80%.

HEIDENHAIN dual encoders come with the EnDat digital interface, known for its reliability and fast digital communication. Standard EnDat dual encoders feature an electronic ID label and numerous diagnostic options. Functionally safe versions provide a second position value for added assurance. Beyond their accurate feedback, EnDat dual encoders deliver extensive condition monitoring for convenient predictive maintenance.

Dual encoders from HEIDENHAIN also simplify the documentation of functional safety. Despite their dual functionality, these devices are certified as a single component, making them easy for designers to document.

For an in-depth look at all of these design benefits, read our e-book “12 ways to optimize your robot design using rotary encoders”.

Streamline your robot production

HEIDENHAIN dual encoders can streamline the robot assembly process. Only three parts are needed: two rotors on either side of a scanning PCB fastened to the motor’s stator. The rotors can be press-fitted or adhesively bonded. Thanks to wide axial and radial tolerances, they do not require separate roller bearings. A single connector carries the data and power lines, and detailed mounting instructions facilitate production line setup.

The installation process is foolproof and straightforward. Mechanical fault exclusion is provided for the connection between the rotor and shaft, and rotors can be installed without special alignment.

HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders are available with electronic mounting diagnostics that immediately show whether the system has been properly installed. This data can be incorporated into digital mounting and quality documentation or be used to identify potential improvements in the production process. Product stability can be enhanced as a result.

To find out more about the assembly benefits, we recommend our whitepaper “Inductive rotary encoders for efficient robot production”.

Ask your questions!

Every robot design comes with its own unique challenges, often hidden in the details. Even the best e-book can’t answer all of your questions, so HEIDENHAIN would like to hear and discuss your specific topics.

Attend our “HEIDENHAIN Robotics live“ Webex meeting on December 20, 2021, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m., as part of our virtual trade show for automation. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Let us know your topics ahead of time, and we’ll go in-depth with them. Your identity will be kept confidential. Looking forward to a stimulating online meeting. Enrollment is limited, so sign up now!

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Inductive rotary encoders for efficient robot production

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12 ways to optimize your robot design using rotary encoders

The e-book 12 ways to optimize your robot design using rotary encoders provides valuable information, including a checklist, to help you efficiently design and produce robots. Find out how to make your designs more compact and robust, regardless of your production scale.

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Optimized rotary encoder mounting in robot production

Inductive dual encoders from HEIDENHAIN feature a compact design and minimal mechanical hysteresis effects on measurement, clearly benefiting designers. But there are also strong benefits from a production point of view.

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