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Get it done: functionally safe robotics with HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders

All robots share at least one design requirement: safety. Timely and reliable error detection protects not only nearby people from harm but also the robot, its tooling and the part being worked on.

Functional safety

Documented safety standards are a key factor in robot development. Evaluating every component separately results in a time-consuming risk-analysis process. The greater the number of small parts needed, the greater the number of evaluations that designers must perform and harmonize. This can be an arduous process.

Instead of doing all of this on their own, designers can select components that already have a functional safety certification. When this is done for safety-critical components such as rotary encoders and control elements, the time needed for documentation can be significantly reduced.

What makes HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders so safe

HEIDENHAIN offers a wide range of rotary encoders with a standardized safety concept. They are designed to withstand changing operating conditions, such as temperature fluctuations, without negative effects on safety. Functionally safe HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders provide a second position value for easier error detection. These TÜV-certified encoders are suitable for SIL 2 or, with additional measures, SIL 3, and are ideal for cobots used in human-robot collaboration.

Along with featuring functionally safe position data generation and transmission, these encoders also provide mechanical fault exclusion. When properly installed, they exclude the loosening of the shaft and stator connections.

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Save time while increasing safety

Choosing HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders also allows designers to use the high-performance EnDat 2.2 interface. This advanced interface features fast, interference-free digital transmission and high availability, allowing designers to make full use of HEIDENHAIN encoder functionality.

They also benefit from the excellent implementation support provided by HEIDENHAIN. In addition to detailed documentation, HEIDENHAIN provides testing tools for implementation and error simulation.


HEIDENHAIN has many years of in-depth experience in functional safety for a wide variety of applications. This has yielded an extensive range of products for a wide spectrum of applications and operating conditions, including robotics. The use of a standardized safety concept simplifies the development of safety-relevant systems and enables exact, repeatable positioning of the tool center point.

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