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E-book: 12 ways to optimize your robot design using rotary encoders

Robots are amazingly complex systems, but some components have an outsized impact on the final price, performance and assembly process. Encoders at the robot joints are one such component. Find out how to optimize the size, cost, tolerances and design spectrum of your robots by choosing the right encoder. It’s all in our new e-book:

Way 1: A small footprint for compact robots

Achieve the accuracy of two encoders using a single scanning unit that reads two circular scales at the same time. This elegant design integrates seamlessly into compact robot joints and facilitates mass production.

Way 2: Dual measurement for game-changing accuracy

You may not have considered the 12 ways that our innovative rotary encoders can give your robots a critical edge on the market. Simply fill out the form below to receive your free e-book and see for yourself.

E-book encoders in robotics

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DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH develops and produces linear encoders, angle encoders, rotary encoders and CNC controls for demanding positioning tasks. Rounding out its product portfolio are touch probes, camera systems, length gauges, digital readouts, signal converters, testing devices and inspection devices. What’s more, its practical software solutions for the Digital Shop Floor empower end users to fully digitalize their manufacturing ecosystem.

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