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KCI & KBI 1300

The KCI and KBI 1300 rotary encoders are versatile and easy to install. The rotor unit can be either press-fitted or screw-fastened as desired.
They are also ideal for applications requiring functional safety.

Small, lightweight and multitalented

Product image KCI KBI 1300

The KCI 1300 and KBI 1300 rotary encoders developed by HEIDENHAIN are inductive encoders that consist of a scanning unit and a screw-fastened circular scale or a disk/hub assembly for press-fitting onto a motor shaft.

Your benefits:

  • Very compact size and low weight
  • Insensitive to contamination and magnetic fields
  • Simple mounting with generous tolerances
  • Safe mechanical mounting
  • Safe data transfer via EnDat 2.2 with functional safety
  • Overload protection with an external temperature sensor is possible

The KCI 1300 and KBI 1300 rotary encoders are thus very well suited for compact servomotors in robots.

Wide field of use

This series offers the right rotary encoder for a variety of applications, available with battery-buffered multiturn capability for up to 65 536 revolutions or external temperature sensor support.

Minimal installation space

The KCI and KBI 1300 rotary encoders are highly reliable, robust, and compact. Their flat profile makes them ideal for tight installation spaces, much to the delight of designers.

E-book: 12 ways to optimize your robot design using rotary encoders

The new e-book “12 ways to optimize your robot design using rotary encoders” provides valuable information to help you efficiently design and produce robots. Find out how to make your designs more compact and robust, regardless of your production scale.

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And product development continues!

  • For large hollow shafts
  • Many different mounting variants
  • Functional safety

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